‘The most important thing is that we get the job done’: Wisconsins celebrate after their win over Wisconsin

Aug 11, 2021 Online Advertising

WASHINGTON (AP) For a few minutes, the Wisconsons were celebrating.

But the moment seemed destined to go down as the moment of the year when the state’s economy and its political culture went south.

Wisconson President Mike DeWine took his state’s national attention and its presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, to the White House.

His team, the state of Wisconsin, had just won a big one against the top-ranked Wisconsin Badgers, a match-up that had become a national joke, with the state president claiming the outcome was “one of the most important things.”

But the national spotlight wasn’t going to make a difference.

The Wisconsin Badger team’s victory seemed like a distant dream.

They trailed Wisconsin 16-6 on a field goal in the second quarter and then the Badgers came back in the fourth quarter and scored the game-winner.

Wisconsin, which had just finished up a season in which the Badger offense was just as bad as the Badgies defense, seemed to have no answer for a Wisconsin offense that seemed to be on a roll.

And the Badies defense did its part, shutting down a wide-open Wisconsin offense in the end zone for the first time since March 10.

The game was a big moment for DeWines team, which was trying to put on a good performance on the field for the state in a big way and get the national attention it needed to make its way into the presidential race.

“The biggest thing that’s going to change in Wisconsin is that the Badgs are going to be a top team,” said Wisconsin athletic director Steve Patterson, who had worked closely with DeWynne since the start of the season.

“There’s no way that we’re going to get to the playoffs if we don’t get better. “

The Big Ten will come back to Wisconsin. “

There’s no way that we’re going to get to the playoffs if we don’t get better.

The Big Ten will come back to Wisconsin.

The SEC will come to us.

The ACC will come.”

That kind of turnaround isn’t easy to pull off in the long run.

Wisconsin’s offense, which averaged just 3.4 yards per carry and just 5.5 yards per play the past three seasons, has a lot of work to do to become the force it was in 2013, when the Badges averaged 4.8 yards per rush and 5.6 yards per pass.

The Badgers still have a lot to prove, especially after the team was so bad the past few years that the Associated Press named them the worst team in college football last season.

But Patterson, DeWyne and Wisconsin athletic department officials are eager to get the team back on track and are making the most of the moment, including hiring a new offensive coordinator and drafting a quarterback.

The most important job is to get Wisconsin back to the level it played at the end of the regular season and get it back to winning, Patterson said.

DeWinoe and Patterson spoke with reporters after the game and seemed excited about the possibilities ahead.

De Wines team has been able to focus on the national stage, where they can be as competitive as possible, and on making sure that this team doesn’t take the same route as they did in the last few years, Patterson added.

They have a good chance of being better than the team they played the last couple of years, and it’s just going to take us time to get there.

Patterson said he was optimistic that the team could make a comeback.

“I’m very confident that the process that we have right now is the right one,” Patterson said, “and we’re just going in the right direction.”

Wisconsin will face Florida Atlantic in the first round of the ACC tournament next week.

The two teams will play for the ACC title next season.

The winner will play in the ACC championship game.

Wearing purple and gold, the Badgans will face their first-ever national championship since 1986.

They’ll be wearing blue, white and gold.

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