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Pierce Commercial Bank to open its first branch in China

Pierce Commercial Banks, the first commercial bank to open in China, announced it is planning to open a branch in Shanghai in 2019.

Pierce Commercial Bank has been operating its first two branches in China since 2010, and it has expanded its operations to a total of four branches.

The bank has more than $2 billion in assets and has been expanding its business model in China.

The first branch opened in Shanghai last September and the company says it will open branches in other cities in 2019 and 2020.

The bank is currently focused on expanding its service offerings to small businesses and is also in talks with banks to provide financing for its new business model.

China’s bank is taking on more debt to meet debt repayment needs

China’s government-controlled bank, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, said on Wednesday that it is taking out more debt and is also expanding its commercial banking operations in the region.

China Commercial Bank Group Ltd., a state-owned lender that is controlled by the People’s Bank of China, is expected to raise up to 8.8 trillion yuan ($1.1 trillion) from commercial banks and other investors this year, the bank said.

The bank will take on up to 4.3 trillion yuan from its commercial bank and commercial lending business in the country, the commission said.

China Commercial Bank will also expand its commercial lending activities in China’s Hong Kong and Macau markets.

The commercial banking division is already the biggest bank in China, accounting for about a third of the country’s banking market, the government said.

Wells Fargo is back at it again in a battle for customers

A big chunk of the company’s business is being sold online.

And now the bank is trying to get customers to shop with its own business card.

Wells Fargo & Loans is selling a new card and a new way to buy its products online, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The new card will let people shop online and will also let them get money out of their checking account, according the WSJ.

The new card lets people shop on its website and buy online using their credit card.

This is part of a strategy to get more people online and more people shopping, the WSJC reports.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Wells Fargo said that people who use its card at retail will be able to get money from their checking accounts.

The bank will be selling a card that is available through its website as well as online stores.

The bank will also offer other cards with similar features.

Wells said it will continue to provide customers with direct access to cash and a wide variety of financial products.