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Why a bank commercial might be the perfect way to get customers to pay

Posted March 11, 2019 13:36:08There’s a big commercial for a Thai bank commercial you might see on the BBC or YouTube.

It’s about a bank, which is trying to make money, so it takes its customers on a bank holiday.

The bank’s chairman is a bit pompous, so he gets to tell a commercial to the bank’s customers.

The commercial is very clever and has a lot of fun in it, so here are some of the things that will make you think, “Ah!

It’s that commercial again!”

You’ll notice there are no subtitles, just an old-school commercial style.

In the end, the bank gets a lot more customers than it expected.

The bank will tell a lot about itself, so that’s good.

But what about other commercials that might not be as straightforward?

For example, how about one that makes you think of the company that’s working on a new version of the same technology, but with a slightly different name?

Or one about a group of people, who are trying to build a business, but need to get some information about the market before they can start their business?

The commercial that we’re going to focus on here is from the company behind the mobile phone.

“The iPhone has come to the rescue,” the narrator says in the commercial.

I’ve watched the commercial a few times now, and I think it’s a great example of how a commercial can help get people to pay attention to a company.

Here’s a quick look at the commercial: As you can see, there are lots of good ideas in this commercial.

There are also lots of commercials where the narrator is clearly a jerk, and it’s annoying.

However, one thing that makes this commercial so clever is the way in which it uses the word “bank.”

The title of the commercial is “The iPhone saved the day.”

The commercial is trying its best to tell us about what the iPhone means to the people it’s helping, and the bank is a bank.

There’s no narration in the video, so you’re left to your own imagination what this commercial is saying.

However, the narrator in this ad uses a lot to describe what the bank has achieved.

As I watched this commercial, I wondered: why is the narrator so good at conveying information?

This commercial has a simple, catchy title: “The bank has saved the world.”

What the commercial says is that the iPhone is a “great invention,” but people have been using it for far too long.

Nowhere does the narrator say that this invention has saved lives.

Rather, he says that “it’s the iPhone that has saved us all.”

So, is this commercial a great commercial?

If you’re looking for a commercial that uses the power of a word to help people, then this commercial definitely fits the bill.

But if you’re a bit more into the commercials than just talking about a technology, then you’ll probably be disappointed with this commercial for the same reason.

This one isn’t as catchy.

Another one that comes to mind is the commercial from The Simpsons: “You can make a lot out of a little.”

This ad is from a very different medium.

It’s about how a teenager has been able to become an engineer.

That’s what the commercial does.

It shows a teenage engineer trying to use his skills to help other people.

So, what do you think?

It’s always a good idea to use the power that your words have to help your audience make a decision.

You could also use the marketing that your company is doing to make your company look better.

How to access your bank accounts in Thailand with a Google Chrome extension

By downloading the extension you can access your Thai bank accounts and other commercial banking accounts.

This extension will not delete your bank account, but it will not be able to access any of your bank’s data, which is required to open your bank, transfer funds, or manage your bank.

To do this, just click the link below:If you already have the extension installed and you have the Thai bank account linked, you can use this link to open the bank account:To use this extension, just add the extension to your Chrome browser.

The extension will ask you for a password and then it will open the Thai banking account and transfer funds.

You can use it on all of your accounts.

You can check if your bank is open by opening a bank account and clicking the link provided.

If you have not received a confirmation email with your bank details, you will need to open a new bank account.

The bank will automatically transfer your money to the account you chose.

How to stop the commercial bank from making money in Thailand

Commercial banks in Thailand are notorious for the fact that they have to borrow from the government and spend it on loans to their customers.

Many Thai banks have been operating for decades without being able to repay the money they received.

This was a major problem for the country when it came to dealing with a severe economic crisis and a rising debt load, and as a result, the Thai government has resorted to creating new banks, which often require the government to bail out the commercial banks that fail.

These commercial banks, however, have been able to make money for the government because the government has allowed them to do so.

Commercial banks are not allowed to make any loans to the government in Thailand, however.

They must only take loans from the Thai central bank and spend the money on buying things for the Thai economy.

Commercial bank employees have a monopoly on lending and spending.

They have the ability to lend money to the Thai people in exchange for the cash that they receive from the central bank.

The government pays them interest on their loans and then collects the interest when they make the loan.

If they are able to earn enough money from their loans, they can then sell their share of the money that they received from the bank for cash, which is then used to pay the government.

In the case of the commercial banking industry, they have been successful in making money for themselves and the government, however it’s not always that easy for the public.

The Thai government does not like it when people use the government as a way to earn money.

When they are not able to pay back the loan, they will use the money to pay for the services that they are unable to afford.

For example, a Thai man with an income of just over $400,000 is currently facing charges of tax evasion after he claimed that he was able to obtain a government-owned property in Thailand for $1.6 million.

The owner of the property is not the government itself, it is a private company called “Bank Thai”.

It was a bank that the Thai state set up in 2012 to finance its efforts to recover from the crisis.

The bank’s owner, a man named Wichai Sengwang, claims that he had received a loan of over $2.5 million to purchase the property from the state-owned Bank Thai, but that it was only worth $1 million at the time.

After receiving the loan from the Bank Thai he immediately went to the Bank of Thailand to claim the property.

Unfortunately, he was told that he would have to repay that amount in full after his debt payment was due.

He said that he received the money from the State Administration for Development of Agriculture and Rural Development (SAEDRAD), a private entity that is not recognized by the Thai constitution.

The SAGERD then went to court and demanded that the bank repay the amount of the loan that they had just received, which it did.

The Bangkok Standard reported that the Bangkok Commercial Bank and Bank of Thai agreed to settle the case out of court with the Thai Government.

However, this settlement was not approved by the Supreme Court of Thailand.

After the settlement was approved, the Bangkok Standard asked the Supreme Courts for a judicial review of the case and the Thai Commercial Bank was able for the first time to have the case transferred to a new court to hear the case.

According to the Bangkok Daily News, the bank received a fine of $3,000 and a warning of six months imprisonment, but they were able to avoid paying any further penalties.

The commercial bank is allowed to issue loans and spends the money it receives from the banks, but it cannot make any money in return.

Commercial Bank employees are allowed to sell their shares of the bank’s assets to buy the properties that they own.

The Commercial Bank is allowed only to purchase real estate for its own use, and cannot buy or sell any property for any other purpose.

They cannot buy a building for the sole purpose of housing people or selling the property to build new apartments for those who already have a place in the area.

They are allowed, however to sell off any real estate that they purchase for other uses.

The banks only allow the Thai public to use the bank to make loans.

The only way that the public can use the banks to make a loan is to buy something from the commercial bankers.

The Bank of Bangkok sells products to the public, but the commercial banker has to take their money and pay back it to the bank.

They do this by issuing loans to people, but if the loans are not repaid, the commercial lender is required to buy things from the public that are still in the bank warehouse.

If the loans have not been repaid, they may also be forced to close down.

There are various types of businesses that the banks can make money from.

They can purchase goods, such as construction equipment, to buy products from, or to sell goods to the general public.